Saas Fee

Saas Fee

We have another great ski camp behind us! This time in Switzerland resort named Saas Fee. This ski resort is very unique.  A long time ago someone decided that in this village cars won’t be allowed. Entering the village you can see one big parking place where you have to park your car and from this place you have to go on only by walk or by an electric car through small paths in village. One word which describes Saas Fee the best is “walk”. Sadly I have to say that global warming hit the European continent, what in all Europe causing serious problems including lack of snow on all glaciers. Saas Fee was gladly an exception because it’s one of the highest glacier where you are allowed t oski (from 3600-3400m). I would just like to say that we should take bigger care of our planet. Maybe we can just start by picking up rubbish from the ground or by  taking recycling more seriously.





Saas Fee 12.10.2018
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Zampa Team 13.9.2018
New Zealand 13.9.2018
Adelboden FIS World Cup Sweden 12.1.2019 33.08
DNQ. 2..
Saalbach-Hinterglemm FIS World Cup Sweden 19.12.2018 -
DNQ. 2..
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